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Blueo Sapphire 9 Mohs Super Scratch Resistant Screen Protector guard With Installation Tray


1.Super scratch resistant; Hardness 9 Mohs, second only to 10 Mohs diamonds.
2.Compared with ordinary glass, higher hardness, not easy to scratch.
3.Thermal conductivity 11.6W is 10 times higher than ordinary glass, Ability to dissipate heat quickly;
4. AF Electroplating Highest-end fingerprint oil from Japan Shin-etsu.  More touch smooth and sensitive .Anti friction times≥10000.
5.Edge bearing Test:30KG
6.EAG laboratory certified,99.9999% pure sapphire, excellent quality."



Blueo Sapphire 3D Resin HD Tempered Glass for iPhone 15 Pro Max with Applicator

₹4,999.00 Regular Price
₹3,499.00Sale Price
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