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AR Ultrathin Anti reflective Tempered Glass
Lower light reflection, make the screen clear, so do not miss any second of lived moments
Do not afraid  of intense light reflection so that you can take your time driving safety
Even though outdoors there was non-glare on the phone screen, the sunlight have no effect on your phone's screen


Anti-reflective coating tempered glass, against the bright light, make its display much higher definition!
For the purpose of reduce the dazzle under the bright light, Blueo used Carl Zeiss T coatng
To improve the light transmittance over 95% also deduct the reflection to 0.8%.
Japan Shin-Etsu fingerprint oil,initial smoothness ≧118°, most smooth in the market.
0.26mm high alumina silica glass, 0.15mm AB glue,scratch resistant, 9H hardness tempering glass.
4 hours tempering, vacuum electroplating technology, with 1000g force steel wool 1:1 grinding head and friction testing more than 15,000 times.
Bending Test: from the glued side outward to bend the tempered glass and the glass broken shows dense and evenly leaf patterns.
Drop Test: 1.8M Distance / 64G Force,Blanking index: 20KG.

Blueo AR Ultrathin Anti-Reflective HD Tempered Glass for iPhone 13 Pro Max

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