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3D UV Glass Screen Protector | Blueo


Note-Finger Print Sensor Normally Works if installed correctly but no warranty for the same

Before you install
1. Remove any pre-installed screen protectors before installing
2. Remove any registered fingerprints that are on the phone
3. Increase touch sensitivity to max 

During the install
1. Please make sure your surface is level
2. Place the speaker masking tape on the speaker area of the phone carefully and properly
3. Gently place the installation guide on the glass
4. Wait for the adhesive to touch the bottom of the guide circle before pulling the pin. 
(Do Not let the adhesive spread below the line before pulling the pin)
5. Please wait for the adhesive to spread completely before removing the installation guide
6. 1st Cure: 15 seconds on the bottom then 15 seconds on the top
7. 2nd Cure: 1 min on the bottom then 1 min on the top.
8. Re-Register your Fingerprint. Register the same finger in multiple angles.

The 9H hardness is non-bulky and comes with anti-scratch feature and high durability. The anti-fingerprint hydrophobic and oleophobic coating keeps away from sweat and oil residual.


  • Pure transparency and  perfect clarity . 

  • 9H hardness.

  • Made with advanced heat tempered glass

  • Anti-Fingerprint and smudge resistant.

  • Alost invisible layer.

  •  Impact and shatter protection. 

  • Edge to edge fitting. 

  • HD clarity and enhanced touch sensitivity. 

Returns & Refund 

if you are not confident in your abilities to apply tempered glass screen protectors, please contact professional service.
Our products are factory made molding, they are checked on real devices with precision. We don't sell raw products.
Curved display smartphones requires precision for tempered glass installation.
If you applied the glass dirtily or roughly, if the tempered glass screen protector doesn't want to glue due to wrong installation, we won't provide you replacement or refund.
Refund or replacement of tempered glass screen protectors will be applied for damaged on arrival products only.


Blueo Full Glue UV Tempered Glass for One Plus 11R

₹2,399.00 Regular Price
₹1,399.00Sale Price
  • Prohibit installation under sunlight !!!


    Note: Please use the black sticker to seal the receiver and button to prevent glue leakage.

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