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Key Specifications/Special Features:

Blueo Antistatic Dustproof Tempered Glass;
Eliminate static, Prevent dust, Higher transmittance, More sensitive touch response;
Upgraded vacuum plating anti fingerprint oil, the screen is more smooth;
The original beauty of the phone screen, full cover protection;
Static resistance treatment can block dust and ash, make the screen like no film;
Dust proof technology help to stick the film easy and simple;
Blueo Antistatic Dustproof Tempered Glass effectively prevent dust and stain into the screen or glass film when sticking.
With static resistance treatment on the AB glue layer of the tempered glass, reduced the phenomenon of dust adsorption due to frictional static electricity when tearing off the film layer. Boost the success rate of sticking, make it much easier to fit the phone screen;
Blueo Antistatic Dustproof Tempered Glass further improvement of the transmittance;
Static resistance AB glue used optical grade OCA semi-solid gel import from Germany, to reduce the haze of tempered glass, further improve the transmittance, and provide a better visual experience.
Blueo anti-static tempered glass with lower haze surface than other common tempered glass, with higher definition, more sensitive touch response.
After several experiments, the antistatic tempered glass screen protector with static electricity resistance and perfectly solve the dust dot issue caused by static.

Blueo Anti-Static DustProof Tempered Glass for iPhone 12 /12 Pro

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