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 Combo Glass + Comprehensive protective bezel Camera


- Comprehensive protection of your Camera

- Glass with 9H hardness, anti-scratch

- The glass sticking up does not blur the camera when taking pictures because the glass quality meets HD standards ^^.

 Raw luxury glass AGC imported from JAPAN technology with the latest generation CNC cut with a thickness of about 0.28mm , anti- UV transparency standards INTERNATIONAL .

- The transparent screen is HD standard (clearer than Amazing 9H and H + glass) with a flat surface for a sharp, realistic display equivalent to the original display quality (looking better than the current screen " Customers have used and rated ").

- With thick NANO layer ( Havres super scratch-resistant technology ) can withstand everyday impacts such as better anti-fingerprint, key when you put it together in your bag, knife tip ... (Glass is still scratched when dust particles and sharp objects are strongly pressed against the glass).

- Use anti-glare technology ( UV rays ), prevent light from dazzling the screen, and prevent eye strain.

- In addition, the surface of the glass is covered with an Oleophobic thin oil layer , anti-fingerprint , dirty , not water-bound , preventing ultraviolet rays . During the use of transparency, it is still ensured to see the screen clearly, but not reduce the sharpness like other glasses.

- Combo + toughened glass protective rim 11 Camera for iPhone / iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max Blueo IPhone 11 with  a thickness of 0, 28 mm , and cutting CNC from N Magistrates B eat , for the 2.5D accurate cutting stroke achieve high sophistication.


 1 -   Sapphire coating enhanced scratch resistance

 2 -   Nano-oli sparse layer anti - fingerprint

 3 -   Soft fiber layer anti-external pressure

 4 -   Tempered hydraulic layer, explosion-proof

 5 -   Hight tranparent glass layer, reducing pixels


Blueo 9H Ring Metal Camera Lens Protector for iPhone 13 Pro/13 Pro Max Black

₹1,999.00 Regular Price
₹999.00Sale Price
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