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Please note that due to the ultrasonic fingerprint
unlocking function of the S23 Ultra, we are using
a high-low adhesive solution. The fiat portion
uses a 0.15mm thin adhesive to ensure the
normal use of the fingerprint unlocking function,
the curved edge uses a 0.35mm thick adhesive
with strong adhesion to prevent lifting.

 3D Full Glue Installation Instruction
At first, you need to clean your phone with what alcohol, cloth and dust remover.
Then put the alignment kit on the phone.
The alignment kit is included in your box.
Now take out your screen protector.
Peel off the cover of screen Protector slowly.

Put the screen protector on the phone and do not press or touch the surface with your finger.
If you press, the surface with your hands there will be many annoying bubbles.
Use scratch card to press the surface from top to bottom slowly.
There will be bubbles if you press too fast or too hard.
Take off the alignment kit then press the edge with scratch card slowly.
If there is any small bubble, you can slowly take off the edge of screen protector and remove the bubble and re apply the affected portion as in video on product page .
Please watch all videos on product page.


Made from high quality tempered glass, this screen protector features high transparency and a delicate touch feeling. It features good resistance to scratches and abrasion, well protecting your device in daily use. With a secure anti-explosion function, it will not be broken into small pieces of sharp. 3D curved design gives your phone screen full coverage and perfect protection. Self-adhering makes it easy to apply, with no residue left.

  • Made from high quality tempered glass

  • High transparency and delicate touch feeling

  • 0.33mm thickness, 9H hardness

  • AB Glue 3D curved design, full coverage and full protection of the screen

  • Secure explosion-proof function

  • Easy to apply, bubble-free

  • 0.26 MM High End Alumina Silica Glass 3D large Curved Hot  Bending.

  • Drop Test 1.5 M Distance /64G Force Blanking Index 15 kg

  • Friction Resistant more than 5000 times,ease the impact force,avoid screen damage.

  • Vacuum Plating oleophobic,smoother hand feeling.

  • Light Transmittance over 98% , High Color Reproduction.


Returns & Refund 

if you are not confident in your abilities to apply tempered glass screen protectors, please contact professional service.
Our products are factory made molding, they are checked on real devices with precision. We don't sell raw products.
Curved display smartphones requires precision for tempered glass installation.
If you applied the glass dirtily or roughly, if the tempered glass screen protector doesn't want to glue due to wrong installation, we won't provide you replacement or refund.
Refund or replacement of tempered glass screen protectors will be applied for damaged on arrival products only.



Blueo Full AB Glue 3d Curved Silk Tempered Glass for S23 Ultra

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